Andrea is a high school student who first appears in 'The Right Stuff' along with her friend Chantal. She appears to be one of the popular girls, though her status blemished when her and Chantal's actions cause an abrupt end to Macie's pool party, much to the other's chagrin. She later appears in several episodes in the background. She is voiced by Jamie Cronin.


She first appears at the beginning of The Right Stuff. As she and Chantal go inside Lucky High School, Courtney tells them off. They both walk away after Courtney gives them a remark on their shoes. The girls develop an envious attitude against Courtney after she greets Will. They think since Courtney is just a middle schooler, she's not on their level yet and hasn't earned any respect from them. When they are in the bathroom, Andrea suggests that they pull off Courtney's bikini top off at Macie's pool party. Chantal thinks Courtney stuffs her bra to look more mature. Macie overhears their conversation so the girls threaten to make her social life a living nightmare if she tells anyone. Later at the pool party, Andrea plays chicken against Courtney so Chantal can snap her bikini top off. They're plan failed when Macie covered her chest with an inner tube. Will called them losers and they sarcastically comment on Courtney's inner tube. 


She has an envious personality. If anyone gets in her way of something, she'll try to do what she can to get the upper hand. 


She wears her hair in a ponytail. She wears a green a red tank top with a blue skirt and red flat shoes. In Fast Reputation, she wears a green skirt. 



Chantal: They appear to be good friends as they are seen hanging out together at several occasions.


Courtney Gripling: Andrea and Chantal both takes an immediate dislike to Courtney when the 'preteen' easily counters their downgrading comments and integrates among her French high school classmates. As a result they try to humiliate Courtney by de-bikini-ing her during Macie's pool party.

Macie Lightfoot: When Macie overhears Andrea and Chantal plan their trap for Courtney while she's in the bathroom, she is caught by the two girls and threatened into silence.


  • Andrea and Chantal share similar hairstyles.