As Told By Ginger

"As Told By Ginger" is an American teen drama animated series that was created by Emily Kapnek, produced by Klasky-Csupo and aired on Nickelodeon from 2000 to 2006 (production ceased in 2003) with reruns airing until 2008.

The series focuses on a middle schooler (and later high schooler) Ginger Foutley who, with her friends, tries to become more than a social geek. There are many subplots that focus on Carl Foutley, Ginger's brother and Ginger's mother, Lois. The series was noted for its storylines, character development and the fact that the characters change outfits each time a new day comes.


The show focuses mainly on the life of junior high school student

Left side: Darren, Macie and Dodie. Center: Ginger. Right side: Miranda, Mipsy and Courtney.

Ginger Foutley. She, along with her friends, Darren Patterson, Dodie Bishop and Macie Lightfoot, all try to rise from the position of school geeks as they solve many conflicts that come their way. Luckily for Ginger, the most popular girl in school, Courtney Gripling, has taken a liking to her and often includes her in her social plans.

She is intrigued by her 'gingerisms', as Courtney calls them. However, Miranda Killgallen, Courtney's right-hand woman, makes sure that she is not bumped down from her position thanks to Ginger. At home, Ginger records her lively adventures in her diary. Her little brother, Carl, is often scheming with Robert-Joseph ("Hoodsey") Bishop in his own side plots, and her mother, Lois, is always there for advice to which Ginger is always open to listen.

The series takes place in the fictional town of Sheltered Shrubs, located in Connecticut. It is very rare for a children's program, especially an animated one, to be set in a specific area of the country. Sheltered Shrubs is actually based on the real town of Belmont, Massachusetts. Other towns noted in the series are Protected Pines, a gated community in which Courtney lives, Brittle Branches, where Ginger's father resides, and Heathered Hills, the town of Ginger's summer camp crush, Sasha.


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As Told By Ginger is an American animated series that ran from October 2000 to November 2006. Some episodes remained unaired in the United States until October 2016.

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  • Both this show and Rugrats were created at the same studio, Klasky-Csupo. Which makes sense since the show would make a cameo of the series.
  • This series shows us what a pre-teen and teenager goes through in life: wanting popularity, divorced parents, annoying siblings, true friends, relationships, teachers, bullying, death, and moving on.
  • This is one of thoes shows to have a real life going; instead of the characters wearing the same outfit in every episode and seasons, they wear different outfits and the characters also aged as well.
  • This is one of the four Nickelodeon animated series that have real emotional life going on. The other three are Rugrats, Hey Arnold, and The Wild Thornberrys and Rocket Power.
  • This is one of the eight Nickelodeon animated series to have the show's characters growing up and/or start having kids of their own. The other seven are: Rugrats, Hey Arnold!, The Wild Thornberrys, El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Invader Zim, and Doug.
    • However, Doug was transfered to Disney.
    • All three Hey Arnold!, Invader Zim, and El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera series were cancelled. However, all three of the shows creators did provide information in interviews of how they planned for those series to end.
  • The series shares similarities with Braceface a Canadian's animated series, both series have a similar art background and it ran for three seasons; both shows played in the USA at the time. However, As Told By Ginger is more popular in the USA.
    • A similar situation applies to Kim Possible and Atomic Betty as both shows aired at the same time in the USA. But Kim Possible is more popular in the USA.
    • Also, Braceface shows some more mature themes.
    • It may be because both As Told By Ginger and Kim Possible shows are set in the USA.
  • As Told By Ginger and three other Nickelodeon's animated series: Aaahh!!! Real Monsters, Rugrats, and Rocket Power were created by Klasky-Csupo.
  • The series has not been released in a complete DVD set yet.
  • The series has been praised by fans, taught important lessons and help them with their families. 
  • According to a splat fact, which is shown on NickSplat's Trivia
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    The splat fact

    Tuesday, Emily Kapnek created the show when she was 25 years old.