Blake Sophia Gripling
Biographical Information
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Blonde
Character Information
First appearance: "Ginger the Juvey"
Voiced by: Kath Soucie

Blake Sophia Gripling is a boy of about seven years old, Courtney's younger brother, and Carl Foutley and Hoodsey's classmate. Blake may be the youngest but he is spoiled, devious, but a gentleman. He and Carl are rivals, but Blake makes considerable efforts to befriend Carl, seemingly wishing to become best friends.


At first, Blake was an immature child who spied on his sister and her friend, Miranda. He also seemed to want to be friends with Carl, but disliked Hoodsey, often calling him "Woodsey". He is often seen attempting to become part of Carl and Hoodsey's plans, in addition to offering his criticism. He is closest to his butler Winston, and they seem to have a father-son relationship (unlike the relationship he has with his actual father Prescott Gripling). Blake was taught to behave properly and be obedient. Unlike his sister, he seems to be very smart, having skipped two grades.



Blake has short blond hair, similar to many people in his family. He is seven, but looks younger, and is shorter then most of the other students in his class due to him skipping two grades; therefore, making him two years younger than most of them. Since Blake was raised in a rich family, he often wears rather fancy clothes. Normally, he wears a uniform to school, but occasionally he wears something else. When he gets a chance to play with Carl, he is seen wearing a striped shirt and loose pants.



Claire Gripling: Blake's mother spoils both him and Courtney. Little else is known about Blake's and his mother's realationship. It's shown he might care about her when she needs to go to the hospital after her bad face-lift accident in Mommie Nearest.

Prescott Gripling: Like with his mother, Blake and his father have little screen-time interaction, but they are shown to love each other. In The Wedding Frame, Blake, along with the rest of his family, was shocked and surprised at Prescott Gripling being arrested.

Courtney Gripling: Like many siblings, he and Courtney argue a lot. Sometimes Blake spies on Courtney, but they occasionally show that they love each other.

Winston: Although they aren't related, Winston acts more like a father to Blake than his real father does. He seems to give him advice, as well as driving him places. At one point, he helps Blake with his plan to try to become friends with Carl.






  • Blake is voiced by Kath Soucie, whom also voiced the twins Phil and Lil and their mother Betty DeVille in The Rugrats and All Grown Up.
  • His voice greatly resembles that of Lucien Cramp, who is voiced by the same voice actress, Kathy Soucie.
  • His appearance is somewhat similar to Remy Buxaplenty's appearance, as both are blonde and where rather fancy clothes.


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