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    which of the two is the better friend? Dodie or Courtney? I think that Courtney is a better friend. Just watch the episode "wicked game and that will prove it or how Courtney got Ginger a going away present when she got the avalanche art's academy fellowship/ And Dodie got Ginger don't gasp but let me say it! NOTHING! Dodie got Ginger absolutely nothing! Unless you count a hard time and mean words (which I definitely don't) I mean MIRANDA even did something fore Ginger! Miranda threw Ginger a going away party AND inviting her! That ends my view Dodie is a horrible friend who deserves to lose everything she has and live out on the streets as if she were a hobo, go completely bald, end up getting taken away by a garbage truck and be taken to…

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  • Totalsolitude


    February 27, 2012 by Totalsolitude

    Hey readers! Please help by editing and improving the wiki.

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