Brandon Higsby (voiced by Grey DeLisle) wishes to be liked by his peers. His parents think he's popular (although he seems to be the least popular kid at Lucky Elementary not having any real friends). He is almost never seen without his pet monkey Mr. Licorice, and he wants Carl and Hoodsey to like him.


He tends to get involded in a few of Carl and Hoodsey's plans, either acting as a sabotager, or as the one who does the tasks Carl and Hoodsey don't want to do. He is 9 years old, and he can be seen with his brother's (Stuart Higsby's) pet monkey. He first made a major appearance in the episode "Dare I, Darren?".


He tends to be really happy and optimistic, and is slightly naive when it comes to Carl and Hoodsey. He believes most things they say (revealing how he is also rather gullible) which often ends with Brandon getting scared out of his wits. He is often talking about how smart Mr. Licorice is. He likes The Little Seal Girl, and can often be seen singing, most of the time for Carl and Hoodsey's schemes or for talent shows. He is able to play the glockenspiel as seen in "The 'A' Ticket". His parents think he's popular, due to the fact that he lied them so. He wanted Carl and Hoodsey to attend his birthday party and cried when they declined in "New Girl in Town". In the episode "Never Can Say Goodbye", Mr. Licorice goes missing and Brandon gets distressed about it. He gets Carl and Hoodsey to help get him back. In "Deja Who?", he becomes friends with Hoodsey because he got amnesia. He often enjoys hanging out with Carl and Hoodsey, and sometimes Blake. He has an older brother called Stuart, though they are almost never seen on screen together, if at all.


He has light brown hair, with similar style to Carl's. He dresses in smart clothing with a blue sweater vest with white patterns, a white shirt and brown shorts. Likely due to his parents being rich, he rarely changes his outfit. He looks similar to his 13 year old brother Stuart, though he dresses much more neatly than him.



  • Mrs. Higsby (mother)
  • Mr. Higsby (father)
  • Stuart Higsby (brother)




  • Carl and Hoodsey rarely call him Brandon, they mostly refer to him as Brando or Higsby.
  • Despite Brandon always being seen with Mr. Licorice, he actually belongs to Brandon's brother, Stuart.
  • Brandon made an appearance in the series finale, "The Wedding Frame". He sang with the organist during the end of the TV movie.
  • Brandon is very sheltered by his parents.
  • Brandon opens his presents slowly and peels of the tape, rather than ripping the paper, another character who does this is Emily from Arthur.
  • Brandon may have been inspired by Martin from The Simpsons.
  • His brother Stuart is the opposite of Brandon he is a trouble maker and has friends.