Chantal is a high school student who first appears in 'The Right Stuff' along with her friend Andrea. She appears to be one of the popular girls, though her status blemished when her and Andrea's actions cause an abrupt end to Macie's pool party, much to the other's chagrin. She later appears in several episodes in the background. She is voiced by Kimberly Brooks.


In The Right Stuff, Chantal makes a snide remark to Macie and Courtney by saying their pre-teen school is across the street. Courtney defends herself by saying she and Macie are going to a French class. Chantal confronts her back and says they'll see her there. She thinks Courtney is a bra stuffer so she Andrea plan to snap off her bikini top at Macie's pool party. When the pool party starts, Chantal sneaks up behind Courtney and snaps her bikini top off while she's playing chicken. Macie comes over just in time to cover up Courtney. 


She gets along with Andrea very well. She's willing to do something underhanded to get an advantage just like her friend.


She wears her hair in a ponytail like Andrea. She wears a pink shirt with white pants and brown flat shoes. She also wears a lavender necklace. 



Andrea: They appear to be good friends as they are seen hanging out together at several occasions.


Courtney Gripling: Chantal and Andrea both takes an immediate dislike to Courtney when the 'preteen' easily counters their downgrading comments and integrates among her French high school classmates. As a result they try to humiliate Courtney by de-bikini-ing her during Macie's pool party

Macie Lightfoot: When Macie overhears Chantal and Andrea plan their trap for Courtney while she's in the bathroom, she is caught by the two girls and threatened into silence.


  • Chantal and Andrea share similar hairstyles