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Claire Christy McSell-Gripling
Biographical Information
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Eye color: Light Blue
Character Information
First appearance: Sleep On It
Voiced by: Candi Milo

Claire Christy McSell-Gripling (born August 1st, 1961) is Courtney and Blake's mother.  She is married to Prescott Gripling. She believes in spoiling her children. It has been revealed that she and Courtney take a trip to Paris each spring to see the new fashions too. Still, Claire has a lot to learn about being a good person. In Trouble in Gal Pal Land, Claire agrees to have Hoodsey pose as a street urchin whom she took in so she could win the election to be a board member of the country club, revealing that she will lie and deceive people in order to gain power, although she did in fact keep a promise to Hoodsey and Carl. In Mommie Nearest Claire goes to hospital after a bad facelift. Her parents are Christy Adelaide Jasmine McGold-McSell and Sir Richard Malcolm Cornelius Eider McSell the 18th.






Prescott Gripling

Courtney Gripling

Blake Gripling





  • Claire shares many similarities with Charlotte Pickles from The Rugrats as both women had plastic surgery.
  • Claire is a symbol of what mothers are acting today, only caring what young people are into today and acting like an older sister than a mother.


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