Courtney Claire Gripling (voiced by Liz Georges) is a major character on As Told by Ginger. She appears in the pilot episode The Party, and makes her offical deubt in the first episode of the first season.

Courtney Gripling takes her role as "The Most Popular Girl at Lucky Junior High" very seriously. Her fascination with Ginger Foutley began as an experiment to see how the other half lives and eventually blossomed into a real friendship. Courtney looks to Ginger as someone she can turn to when she needs help or advice from someone other than her mindless followers. While her other friends Mipsy and Miranda virtually worship the ground that Courtney walks on, Ginger seems to do just fine living independently from Courtney's shadow. In fact, Courtney is secretly envious of Ginger's tight bond she shares with her best friends Macie and Dodie, since Courtney is aware that they would stick by her no matter what, while Miranda and company would only be there as long as Courtney's reign of popularity endures.


Courtney is the most popular girl at Lucky Jr. High. She is the typical ditz, not very bright, and spoiled, but she is also beautiful, adorable, sophisticated, and kind-hearted. She always had an interest as to how things worked in the world of middle class citizens (for example, there was an instance where she was puzzled as to how a vacuum cleaner works). Courtney took a liking to Ginger early on in the series. She liked seeing how Ginger would survive if put in an all-popular kids setting. To her surprise, Ginger could manage. Courtney then became increasingly close to Ginger. In Mommie Nearest, Courtney's mother has to stay in the hospital after she gets an infection from a face lift. Courtney then spends more time with Ginger's mom, Lois, as a temporary replacement. It results in Courtney staying a few nights in Ginger's home. Ginger quickly gets jealous of the natural mother-daughter relationship Courtney and Lois have. In Fair to Cloudy, Ginger invited Darren to the county fair without consulting her normal companions, Dodie and Macie. Dodie then retaliates by inviting Courtney. At the fair, Courtney, as Ginger put it, "has to try everything", as she is intrigued that such a lifestyle exists. In another episode, Courtney helped Ginger by revealing the plans to sabotage Ginger's relationship with Darren. However, even Ginger receives the occasional "Courtney-ism", considering that Courtney has a whole group of friends to manage. Closest of those friends to Courtney is her right-hand woman, Miranda, who doesn't approve of the friendship between Courtney and Ginger. Courtney's group seems to approve of her leader status. However, in No Hope for Courtney, a girl named Hope takes on Courtney's position, leaving Courtney in a social slump. In the end, Courtney reclaims her position as leader and Hope becomes one of her many followers. Courtney's main love interest throughout the show is Darren's older brother, Will. In The Wedding Frame, Courtney's father is caught for insider trading and the Griplings are forced to move out of their rich lifestyle and into middle class.


Courtney is often shown to be some what air headed, though she can be more up on things than others and actully appearing to be quite smart in some situations. She is very polite and well spoken, though she can be a somewhat shallow and selfish as seen in "and then she was gone", "Family therapy".

She loves being the center of attention, but often means well and has helped Ginger in some situations such as coming to get her and revealing Mipsy and Miranda's plan with the help of Dodie and Macie.[1] She also told Ginger about Dodie and Macie's plan to split her and Darren up.[2]

Courtney Gripling Goth 26

Courtney's goth look

Courtney may have Narcissistic personality disorder, as she does show some symptons, mostly due to her being spoiled by her parents. Courtney is either very bad with names or intentionally forgets those that don't interest her, as she often forgots Dodie and Macie's names and she called them 'Podie and Stacy', and 'Doodie and Lacy'.

She is also seen to be quite dramatic.








  • A lot of fans say that Courtney should've been Ginger's and Macie's best friend rather than Dodie.
  • As revealed by Lois in "Carl and Maude", Courtney made Ginger cry in the 5th grade when she called her "fashionably impaired".
  • Courtney is the only girl in her circle of friends to be nice to Ginger.
  • Courtney is the only girl to wear pink and light blue similar color combination with Barbie.
  • Courtney along with Rhonda Loyd (Hey Arnold), Muffy Crosswire (Arthur), Bebe Bluff (Doug), and Veronica Lodge (Archie Comics) all four rich girls attended public schools instead of private schools.
  • Like Rhonda and Bebe, Courtney and her family become poor.
    • However both Rhonda and Bebe became rich again.
  • Due to Courtney showing a lot of admiration and obssesion, towards Ginger, this lead many fans to believe, that Courtney has a crush on Ginger.
  • Due to Courtney not being very book smart, she mostly has her Father hire someone to do all her homework and projects. As revealed in episodes, Stealing First and There's no Hope for Courtney. Though however Courtney is shown to be good at french as she was put in a high school level french class along with Macie, in the episode "The Right Stuff".
  • In the episodes of The Party and The Right Stuff, it is revealed that Courtney stuffs her bra due to trying to show everyone she's mature.
  • Courtney's pilot design is being used as a background character that now a brunette and has freckels.
  • Courtney has matured as each episode aired, and was less attention seeking as the series went on and she was alot nicer to Macie, Dodie and Darren.
  • Courtney is not seen in the epilogue of the series finale.
  • Courtney is a symbol of young girls who are growing up to fast; instead of enjoying being a kid.
  • Courtney is a very popular girl in middle school, however in the outside world and in high school some people find her annoying.
  • Courtney is shown to be a wonderful person and great friend to Ginger.
  • Courtney matures quite a lot later on in the series and most fans say she was a nicer character than Dodie.
  • She is one of very few popular girl characters to be nice to the main character, the other being Brittany from Daria.
  • Courtney doesn't make many appearances towards the climax in the series.
  • Courtney wasn't as prominent in her freshman year of high school, as she was bullied by the upperclassmen and has was embarrassed in front of the whole school by Carl and Hoodsey in "Battle of the Bands".
  • After losing her fortune, Courtney and her family moved into the Foutley's old home. We can assume that this is karma for the Griplings looking down on middle-class families.
  • It's very possible that her family could regain their fortune in the future. If Claire also came from a fabulously wealthy family, they could help, or her husband could get off on a plea deal and some of their assets could come back.