Dan Castellaneta (born October 29, 1957 in Chicago, Illinois) is an American actor, voice actor, comedian and screenwriter. He is widely known as the voice of Homer Simpson in The Simpsons. His other voice roles include Jonathan in Rugrats and All Grown Up, Grandpa Phil in Hey Arnold!, Robot Devil in Futurama, Mr. Brooks, Guard and Cobra Commando in Batman Beyond, Dracula in Animaniacs, Jeffries and Harvey in Tiny Toon Adventures and several others. 

He provides the voice of Dodie and Hoodsey's father, Dave Bishop in four episodes of the series. This includes About FaceLunatic LakeTen Chairs and Losing Nana Bishop. He provides the voice of Mr. Talbit in Ten Chairs and a jeweler in About Face. He provides the voice of Nicholas LaPorte and a minister in The Wedding Frame


Dan Castellaneta - Dave Bishop's voice actor in four episodes

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