David Charles Bishop is Dodie and Hoodsey's father. He is a soft-spoken man who cares deeply for his children. He is the peace maker in the family.


David met Joann sometime around 1980 in Lucky Jr. High, as he is aware of the awful things that she would do in order to achieve popularity. He is always there to support his wife and kids. He had a good talk with Dodie and Hoodsey about their mother's past in jr. high. 


David is the complete opposite of his wife, Joann. Being soft-spoken and kindhearted, David offers advice to his children and is someone who doesn't like trouble.


David is a big man with features that Hoodsey inherited. He has blond hair in the same fashion as Hoodsey and wears square glasses.



Joann Bishop: He loves his wife very much. In Gym Class Confidential, it's revealed they have been married for 22 years. He's there for her whenever Joann overreacts to something. 

Hoodsey Bishop: He gets most of his character traits from his father. Whenever Hoodsey asks him a question, David will answer it or tell him to ask his mother. 

Dodie Bishop: He has a good relationship with her. In About Face, she asked her father why Joann was donning an alter ego. He explained what happened and gave her and Hoodsey some advice. 

Nana Bishop: She passed away in Losing Nana Bishop. As the Bishops were getting ready for the funeral, David was understandably sad about his mother's passing. He accidentally fell into her grave as she was about to be buried. 


  • As revealed in "About Face", David graduated from Lucky Jr. High in 1980.
  • According to Joann in "Gym Class Confidential", David is a shamed of his body and still undresses in the closet.
  • He looks like an older version of Hoodsey.
  • He loves his mother very much, as he continuously cried in "Losing Nana Bishop".