As Told By Ginger - Diamonds Are Expensive - ( Lyrics )00:49

As Told By Ginger - Diamonds Are Expensive - ( Lyrics )


This song is heard in the As Told By Ginger, it is the sixth song of the series and the first song in season 3. Diamonds Are Expensive is a song about diamonds, it was sang by both Dr.Dave and Lois and it can be heard in the episode's credits in About Face.


Dr.Dave: Diamonds are expensive, they are sparkly but expensive

 They can't make a woman love you (Love you)

But I know of the mind that if she's so inclined, it might help

Seal the deal

Diamonds are expensive

Lois: Diamonds are impressive

Dr.Dave: They are sparkley but expensive

Lois: Sparkley and impressive (impressive)

Dr.Dave: Diamonds are expensive

Lois: Impressive, (impressive)

Dr.Dave: Expensive

Lois: Impressive (impressive, impressive) 


  • The song's title is a reference to OO7's song theme Diamonds Are Forever.

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