David Dave
Biographical Information
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Character Information
First appearance: Hello Stranger
Voiced by: David Jeremiah

Dr. David Dave is the second husband of Lois Foutley, and is the step-father of Ginger and Carl. Dr. Dave works at the same hospital as Lois. And tends to by a shy, and timid man, especially when it comes to confronting his mother about her bitter, and controlling behavior. His relationship with Lois is hinted throughout the show.


He first appeared in Hello Stranger, with a lighter color of brown as his hair. In the episode he runs tests on Lois after accidentally drinking Carl's dehydrated snake potion that looked like lemonade. He checks her stomach with an ultrasound, and finds some movement. Lois claims that it's not the snake, but most likely gas. But Dr. Dave tells her to stay put, so they can keep an eye on her. He later appears again, when Carl is taken to the hospital after being bit by Mr. Licorice.

He later appears in Ms. Foutley's Boys, with a darker brown as his hair color, which would stay that way for the rest of the show. While Lois complains to another nurse about the trouble she's having with her new boyfriend Buzz. Dr. Dave gets a snack from the vending machine and listens to her conversation in the background (and is probably jealous). He notices when her arch support from her shoe slips off. He later appears in the end of the episode, returning the arch support to Lois. Flattered by this, she invites him into her house for a sandwich, and he gladly agrees to come in. They then talk about themselves, and their interests/disinterests.

In Mommie Nearest Carl comes to him, looking to increase the size of his chin. Dr. Dave refuses at first, because Carl doesn't want to have to ask Lois about it first. After Carl says that he'll just go to a clinic that won't ask any questions, Dr. Dave agrees to give him a chin. But convinces him to wear a fake one for a while to give Carl an idea of what he wants his chin to look like. Later, Lois confronts Dave about his deal with Carl, and says that he convinced Carl to wear a fake chin. And believes that soon he'll find out that the chin doesn't make the man, and will lose interest in the surgery. But apolgizes to Lois if he stepped out of line by not consulting her about it. Lois however believes that it was a good idea, and tells Dave that he should settle down and have kids. And that he would be really good at it. He starts to tell her that he has been thinking about doing that. But before they could finish the conversation, Lois had to leave to take care of a patient.

In The Easter Ham he takes care of Joann Bishop after she has a heart attack, fighting Lois for a ham. He greets everyone at the hospital, with Lois warmly greeting him back. He then takes Lois aside and tells her that they need to be careful in case Joanna may have a cardiac condition, and needs to avoid any stress, until they get the test results back. Later on he drives by Lois house, explaining that after getting the results back, Joanna Bishop is going to be fine, and that she just had an esophageal hernia. He stops by Joanna's house and tells her that all she has is an overactive bile duct, and just needs a healthy diet to stay alright.

In the next episode, About Face, Dr. Dave and Carl go looking for an engagement ring to give to Lois. After practicing his proposal to Lois on Carl, one of the ring's he puts on Carl gets stuck on his finger, and has no choice but to pay for it. Afterwards, he tells Carl about having Lois meeting his mother before he proposes to her. But is worried that his mothers' behaviour will drive her away. Later on, when his mother finally arrives, and has Carl where a glove to hide the ring so neither of their mothers will see it. What Dr. Dave feared, starts to come true, as his mother keeps being incredibly rude to Lois, testing her paitence during dinner. Finally, when Noelle Sussman bursts into the Foutely's home, thinking that the engagement ring on Carl's finger is forPolly Shuster (something Blake had tricked her into thinking), Dr. Dave confesses to Lois that the ring was meant for her, and that despite what his mother thinks of her, he loves her and wants to marry her. Before his mother can say anything about it, Dr. Dave proposses to Lois, and she says yes.

In Heat Lightning Dr. Dave has to stay with the Foutely's, while his house is being fumagated because of an infestation of fire ants (caused by Carl to help Dr. Dave with his cockroach problem). While he enjoys his time at the Foutley's home, his mother drops by, after finding out he was staynig there. It turns out that she was meant to stay with him, over at his house for a while, and forgot so both of them stay with the Foutleys. Later he and Lois go out for some ice cream, with his mother declining to join them. Afterwards he and Lois try to stop his mother from attacking Hoodsie, after they get into a fight, playing cards.

In Stuff'll Kill Ya, he makes an appearance near the end of the episode. He joins the Foutleys for dinner, and asks Lois if ginger cut down on having the coffee. He then asks if it's hypocritical for her to tell ginger to lay off the drinks, when she herself has three cups a day. She insists though that the situation isn't the the same since, unlike ginger, she's and adult. Despite her argument, Dave and Carl pass glances at one another. Later, when Carl tells Lois and him about having 48 hours left to live, Dr. Dave shares his concern for Carl, and even checks is health, After Lois tells Dave that she's upset that a teacher would tell a student a lie, like that, and that she'll go to the school tomorrow to face the teacher. She then asks Dave if he really wants to be a part of the Foutley's crazy family. After being asked, he runs out the door, leaving Lois confused. She then opens the blinds to the door, revealing Dr. Dave chuckling outside, showing that he was simply joking. Lois then tells him she'll give him a knuckle sandwich for dessert, and he gives her a sheepish grin.

In A Lesson in Tightropes, he takes care of Ginger after her appendix ruptures. After the surgery, Jonas comes by to see how Ginger is doing. Feeling uncomfortable, he leaves the room, giving Lois and Jonas space. Later Carl comes to the hospital, and thanks Dave for saving Ginger's life. And chooses to stay with him outside Ginger's room, instead of joining the rest of his family, and holds his hand. Later on, he confronts Lois about her feelings for Jonas, and if seeing him brings back any old feelings she has for him, She admits that it has brought back some feelings, but Jonas isn't the man she loves anymore, it's now him as he is now her husband.









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