Goodbye Camp Caprice is a song, that can be heard in As Told By Ginger.It is the seventh song of the series and it is the second of season 3. The campers of Caprice sang this as they are about to leave the camp grounds. The whole version of the song can be heard during the credits of the episode Heat Lighting.
As Told By Ginger - Goodbye Camp Caprice - ( Lyrics )00:51

As Told By Ginger - Goodbye Camp Caprice - ( Lyrics )


Well, the time has come for us to say goodbye,
To the sandy shores of Lake Caprice.
And as we go to the places we call home
We hold inside our hearts one tiny piece

Of the spirit ... the spirit of Camp Caprice
Solo: Can you feel the spirit?

A spirit ... full of friendship, love, and peace
Solo: Friendship, love, and peace, Y'all

The spirit ...The spirit of Camp Caprice
Solo: Thank, you Camp Caprice
Were memories never tire in the least.


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