Grandma Foutley was Ginger and Carl's grandmother, Jonas' mother and Lois' mother-in-law. She is introduced in the episode Losing Nana Bishop.


Jonas told Ginger that when she was a baby, her grandmother would drive her around the block until she fell asleep. This was because Jonas and Lois had a hard time to get her to take naps. Lois mentions that sometimes they didn't always see eye to eye on everything, but they put their differences aside because they both loved Carl and Ginger. According to Ginger, she passed away shortly after Carl was born. At the end of Losing Nana Bishop, Grandma Foutley can be seen through archive footage as the family, along with Hoodsey, watches a home movie in the living room.      


  • When Lois speaks of her, she seems to show resentment.