Gym Class Confidential is the second episode of the second season of As Told By Ginger. It is the 22nd episode of the series overall and first aired on February 17, 2002.


The girls gym class has to watch a film about puberty. Macie is terrified and Ginger feels guilty because she thinks that this will tear their friendship apart. Meanwhile, Hoodsey is afraid to take showers in gym class because he doesn't want to get naked in front of other people, while Carl is trying to break a record for the dirtiest person.


After a gym class the gym teacher informs her female students that the next Monday they would watch an important movie about puberty. While the other students seem at least curious or excited about the upcoming movie, Macie is incredibly uncomfortable with the entire subject. Ginger attempts to unwind Macie’s anxiety, but Courtney ruins her efforts by showing her ‘concern’ that they might be freaked out by the movie and pointedly looks at Macie.

During gym at Lucky Elementary, Carl and Hoodsey reveal they are attempting to break the world record for the longest time without washing themselves. Brandon mingles with them and ends up temporarily trading his monkey’s tooth, for some of Carl’s bubblegum. They are then introduced to the new gym teacher, a strict no-nonsense strongly build man named Mr. Ward. He expects all his student to wear clean gym uniforms and to take a shower after every gym class. Hoodsey worries about their attempted world record, but Carl eases his worries by saying they will just make sure their feet don’t get washed. Brandon gets caught chewing gum by the teacher and has to place his gum in the shoebox, a box filled with used gum. Normally Brandon should take another piece out of the box, but the teacher leaves it at a warning. However, since Brandon cannot give Carl his gum back, Carl gets to keep the monkey’s tooth.

After school, the BFF trio are in Ginger’s room and Macie is freaking out. Once again Ginger tries to calm her down, but it’s not very effective. Macie simply does not feel ready to face puberty yet. Dodie also tries her hand at convincing Macie to watch the movie, but as she goes she lays out an entire hypothetical scenario where no one will end up wanting to talk to them because Macie will not have anything to talk about if she doesn’t see the movie. Naturally, this doesn’t help Macie either. Ginger suggests Macie doesn’t see the movie, but Dodie shoots the suggestion down saying the movie is an important part of the curriculum.

Meanwhile Carl and Hoodsey hang out in the backyard. Carl made a necklace from the monkey’s tooth and Hoodsey once again worries about the required showers after gym. Carl thinks Hoodsey is bringing it up again because of their attempted world record, but it’s clear Hoodsey isn’t exactly comfortable with the communal shower idea for another reason. However, Carl doesn’t listen and ponders the idea of scaring their sisters with a prank involving the monkey tooth, but Lois arrives and warns him before he can act on it.

The next day, Ginger, Dodie and Macie head towards the gym teacher’s office to ask if Macie can skip the movie. However, Macie can’t summon the courage so Ginger goes instead. When asked, the teacher, thinking Ginger herself doesn’t want to see the movie, quickly informs her that the movie is very important for them. Also, the movie is mandatory, so anyone who doesn’t see it, doesn’t graduate. Outside the office Macie feels defeated.

Meanwhile at Lucky Elementary, Carl’s class plays dodgeball during gym. Carl is obviously having a great time and gets complimented by the teacher. Hoodsey however is having a miserable time.

Back with Macie, she is playing the clarinet during band practise. Miranda is seated behind her and taunts her mercilessly. She tells Macie a supposedly true story about a girl ‘Holly Smith’ that saw the movie the year before and joined a convict afterwards. Macie gets riled up and yells at Miranda, who is only amused.

After the dodgeball game, Hoodsey is putting on his normal clothes when the gym teacher confronts him about not taking a shower, even though it’s mandatory. Hoodsey tries to make excuses, but Mr. Ward is not taking any of them. Carl comes out of the shower and shows of his dirty plastic bagged feet. He asks Hoodsey why he didn’t shower and again Hoodsey avoids the subject by making excuses.

After school, Courtney approaches Ginger on the school bus and comments on Macie’s reluctance to see the movie. Ginger defends her friend, but with little success. After Macie steps off the bus Courtney advices Ginger and Dodie that if they want to move on and get anywhere in life, they’ll have to leave Macie behind. Her comment clearly distresses Ginger.

Hoodsey and Carl got kicked of the school bus because of their stench and are walking home. Carl recalls the dodgeball game with fondness, but Hoodsey found it a little too violent and dumb for his tastes. When they arrive at the Bishop home, Hoodsey is sad that Carl doesn’t get him and rejects his offer for a sleepover by claiming – to Carl’s confusion –  he wanted to spend some time with his father.

That night the Foutley family enjoys a cheese fondue for dinner. Lois reminiscences about her single days in Boston when she lived with her best friend Nancy many years ago. Ginger wonders about what happened to this Nancy and Lois explains that they went their separate ways even though they occasionally hear from each other again. Ginger doesn’t understand how they drifted apart even though they were best friends, and Lois responds that that’s just how life goes. Hearing this, Ginger has trouble imagining a future where neither Macie or Dodie are part of, but Lois tries to appease her by saying that she doesn’t have to worry about the future and just has to act her friendships are forever. Carl closes the conversation by claiming he and Hoodsey will be friends forever.

At the Bishop residence, Mrs. Bishop confronts Hoodsey who has been moping in the living room for three days. Hoodsey tries to avoid the real reason, but Joann sees right through him. He eventually opens up about his insecurities concerning nudity in front of others (like in the boy’s changing rooms) and Joann starts a rant about how it is a good thing that Hoodsey isn’t comfortable with public nudity, unlike one Carl Foutley. She even tells her son that Mr. Bishop still changes in the closet, even though they have been married for many years.

Later that night, Ginger, Dodie and Carl go to Macie’s house for a surprise visit. Ginger and Dodie are determined to help Macie prepare for the upcoming movie, so they won’t drift apart. They brought some of Lois’ books and Macie faints while looking through one of them after Dodie proposes to start with the reproductive system. Meanwhile Carl makes use of the tanning bench in the house, but overpowers the device, causing a blackout, much to Ginger’s annoyance.

Monday morning arrives and Hoodsey walks in the Foutley kitchen where everyone is present but Carl. Hoodsey asks Lois if there is such thing as a nurses note (he hopes that she might write one for him to avoid the gym showers). Lois wants to know why but then Carl arrives, revealing his tanned appearance. Hoodsey is impressed, but Lois less so. Lois knows he hopes to hide the stench of his feet with the tan, but she assures him it isn’t working.  Carl pretends not to know what she is talking about and leaves with Hoodsey following him. As they leave, Macie and Dodie arrive, clearly put off by the combined stench of Carl and Hoodsey. The movie is today and Macie is visibly nervous and even Lois’ assurance that they can always talk to her can calm her down.

Later in the gym, Miranda tries to intimidate Macie again, but Ginger tells her off. Before the movie starts, Ginger reminds Macie to grab her hand if she feels faint. The movie starts and Macie soon covers her eyes but makes an effort to keep watching.

At Lucky Elementary, Carl and Hoodsey are in gym class as well. Carl asks Hoodsey what is wrong with him but even after pressing him, Hoodsey denies there is anything wrong. Mr. Ward then calls out to everyone and demands Carl and Hoodsey to each pick a team. Carl protests the order and claims he wants to remain loyal to friend. Mr. Ward reluctantly gives in and tells Higsby to be the other captain. Higsby seems to want to pick Carl first, but is put off by his glare and choses Blake Gripling instead. Hoodsey doesn’t hesitate and immediately choses Carl.

The Puberty Video As Told By Ginger The Splat

The Puberty Video As Told By Ginger The Splat

The movie goes on and Courtney shows the first sings of discomfort, but hides it when Miranda (who seems unimpressed) looks at her. Dodie seems in awe (or shocked) while Ginger is bored. Macie is still watching, but when the movie moves on to body transformations, she cannot handle it anymore and rushes from the gym. Ginger worriedly follows her. The movie goes on and Courtney vomits, dirtying Miranda’s favourite shoes in the process, causing a scene to unfold.

Ginger enters the bathroom where Macie is hiding in one of the cubicles and asks her if she is alright. Macie tells her she just can’t handle the content of the movie and reveals she closed her eyes for the majority of the movie. Ginger feels guilty about sher and Dodie pushing Macie too hard all because she was scared they would grow apart otherwise, but Macie reveals she too pushed herself to watch the movie for the exact same reason. Macie might not have actually seen much of the movie, but since she was there during the showing, they fulfilled the mandatory part of the curriculum, even though they missed the ending. Dodie then walks in and immediately fills them in on what they missed, including Courtney and Miranda’s scene followed by the projector catching fire during the childbirth scene.

At Lucky Elementary gym class is over and Hoodsey seems undecided how to proceed in the changing room. Carl asks if he is coming to shower after which Hoodsey asks if Carl could look away since he is embarrassed. Carl doesn’t really understand why but Hoodsey then says he doesn’t want to follow his dad’s example of changing in the closet for the rest of his life. He then undressed, releasing the stench that resulted from 17 days without a bath. Everyone but Carl – who is filled with glee – flees the room and the two of them head towards the shower, with Hoodsey revealing he actually feels quite liberated.



  • Ginger Foutley 
  • Courtney Gripling 
  • Macie Lightfoot 
  • Dodie Bishop 
  • Carl Foutley 
  • Girl #1
  • Hoodsey Bishop 
  • Miranda Killgallen
  • Mipsy Mipson (cameo)
  • Lois Foutley 
  • Terrence
  • Brandon Higsby 
  • Blake Gripling 
  • Girl #2
  • Joann Bishop 
  • Ms. Powell
  • Narrator
  • Doctor  
  • Mr. Ward
  • Noelle Sussman (cameo)


Macie: How many times do you think I can repeat eight grade before it’ll get boring?

Hoodsey: This rots big time.

Macie: Listen Miranda, I’ll be the one to decide if I’m going to learn anything about growing up! And-and-and you keep playing a C-sharp instead of a B-flat right there and it’s throwing me off!

Courtney: It looks like Lightfoot's a lightweight on all counts.

Lois: But that’s the way life works, you know. Circumstances change and people move on.

Lois: Ginge, there's no guarantee that you kids won’t go your own separate ways someday, so there's no sense in worrying about it. For now act like your friendship is forever, and it just might turn out that way.

Carl: (slurping) You know, I can see me and Hoodsey still being friends 30 years from now." Lois: (passively) So can I.

Joann: Remember Robert: modesty is good. It’s one thing that separates us humans from the lower primates, like Carl Foutley. 

Hoodsey: You know, this being naked stuff in public is actually kinda liberating. (laughs) Carl: (offscreen) We’ll have to do it more often. 


  • The episode is ranked #97 during the "Top 100 Greatest Moments In Nicktoon History".
  • Joann Bishop reveals that she and Dave Bishop have been married for 22 years.
  • Darren does not appear in this episode.
  • Lois and an old friend used to live together in a very expensive small apartment in Boston.


  • Kenny Blank is credited for voicing Darren, even though Darren doesn't appear.