Jake 01
Biographical Information
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Black
Character Information
First appearance: "Fast Reputation"
Voiced by: Lucas Haas

Jake is the cool tenth grader Ginger meets under the snack table during a high school party in the episode 'Fast Reputation'. A misinterpretation by Miranda and Courtney leads to rumors circulating at Lucky Jr. that he and Ginger made out during that party. At the end of the episode it is said he has a girlfriend.


During the third season, Jake is often seen in the background during high school events.


He is nicknamed 'slacker dude' by some girls in the Jr. High bathrooms.


Jake is pale and has spikey black hair. He is often seen wearing a black jacket with a striped/checkered red shirt and greay t-shirt underneath, accompanied with blue jeans and brown shoes. At one occasion he wears a yellow t-shirt instead of his usual attire. His most distinguishing feature is his eyebrow piercing.




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