Jean-Pierre is a foreign exchange student from France who attends Lucky Jr. High alongside yearmates such as Ginger Foutley, Courtney Gripling, and others. He first appears in 'Stealing First' where he shares a ski lift with Ginger and openly flirts with her.

For the rest of the series Jean-Pierre mostly appears in the background, only speaking again in 'No Hope for Courtney' when he expresses interest in Hope Rogers.


In Stealing First, Courtney sets up him and Ginger to sit together on the ski lift. Ginger is hesitant at first but she eventually goes along with it. Once they are on the ski lift, Jean-Pierre tries to use his charms on Ginger. Courtney and Miranda sit behind them as Courtney cheers Ginger on. When Jean-Pierre goes for a kiss, Ginger gets nervous and ends up falling off the ski lift. She manages to keep her balance to ski down the hill until she runs into Darren and breaks his leg. 

In No Hope for Courtney, he shows interest in Hope Rogers when she becomes popular. He flirts her and the two of them hit it off. 


He has a smooth and romantic personality. Whenever he's around a beautiful girl, he tries to impress them by using his charms. It worked on Hope Rogers but it didn't work on Ginger. 


In Stealing First, he wears a orange and black winter cost with matching orange and black pants. This shoes he wears are red. In No Hope for Courtney, he wears a purple shirt with a blue pocket jacket with navy blue pants. He also wears a necklace and green and yellow shoes.


  • Jean-Pierre has a stereotypical French accent.