Joann Bishop
Biographical Information
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Blonde
Character Information
Voiced by: Susan Krebs

Joann Bishop is the mother of Dodie and Hoodsey Bishop and a minor character in the series. She is known for being quite intense. She has a love-hate relationship with the Foutley family, particulary Carl and Lois, she often gets into arguments with them, most of them involving Carl. She believes that Carl is a bad influence on her son Robert-Joseph (Hoodsey).


She's part of a book club


She is incredbly overbearing, even though she can come across as being mean. In the end she just wants the best for her children.






  • She is one of the few people not to call Hoodsey by his nickname, instead she calls him Robert-Joseph or RJ, the other person who does this is Mrs. Gordon.
  • She also does the same to Dodie she calls Dodie Deirdra Hortense, and is the only person to refrer to Dodie by this name.
  • She possibly has OCD as seen in the episode "Lunatic Lake" 
  • She dislikes Carl and being called Jojo
  • One time, we see Joann going through a mid life crisis, like all the mothers of today, whom would act like teenagers.


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