Joann Bishop is the mother of Dodie and Hoodsey Bishop and a minor character in the series. She is known for being quite intense. She has a love-hate relationship with the Foutley family, particularly Carl and Lois, she often gets into arguments with them, most of them involving Carl. She believes that Carl is a bad influence on her son Robert Joseph (Hoodsey).


She's part of a book club.


She is incredbly overbearing, even though she can come across as being mean. In the end, she just wants the best for her children.






  • She is one of the few people not to call Hoodsey by his nickname, instead she calls him Robert Joseph or RJ, the other person who does this is Mrs. Gordon.
  • She also does the same to Dodie she calls Dodie Deirdre Hortense, and is the only person to refer to Dodie by this name.
  • She possibly has OCD as seen in the episode "Lunatic Lake". 
  • She dislikes Carl and being called Jojo.
  • One time, we see Joann going through a mid life crisis, like some of the mothers of today, whom would act like teenagers.
  • As revealed in "About Face", Joann graduated from Lucky Jr. High in 1980.