Jonas Foutley
Biographical Information
  • None
Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Brown
Character Information
First appearance: Hello Stranger
Voiced by: Tom Virtue

Jonas Foutley (Tom Virtue) abandoned Lois and their children shortly after the birth of Carl. Ginger never had any fond or, for that matter, clear memories of her father, and all the photographs of him that are in her possession are of his feet.


In Hello Stranger, Jonas Foutley is Ginger and Carl's father, 31 years old, and he lives in an apartment, which is where Carl's male friend, Hoodsey never been in before. Although he never returns her call, she convinces herself that he will show up. Lois, however, rightly believes that he will not appear. Lois is in the hospital at the time of Ginger's performance, and has sunflowers sent to the school with a card signed "Dad", but Ginger figures that Lois sent the flowers and her father let her down.

In An "Even Steven" Holiday Special, Jonas is shown performing as Santa Claus, standing on the street corner, collecting money, and happens to come across Carl and Hoodsey. Hoodsey believes that Jonas is really Santa Claus, and confides in him that Carl does not believe in Santa, because Santa has never granted him his only wish (to have his father home for Christmas). After hearing this, Jonas decides to pay the Foutleys a visit, which somewhat improved his relationship with his children (but not really with Lois).

Though Jonas never really becomes a fixture in the family, he appears sometimes to bequeath fatherly advice to Ginger, and to teach her about the extended family from which she is descended. Carl, however, seems to remain bitter, and limits the majority of his contact with Jonas and Lois seems to have mixed feelings with the whole situation.


Jonas is described as an "animal lover" and has a pet dog named Ben.




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