Laetitia Bowers10
Leatitia Bowers
Biographical Information
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Black
Character Information
First appearance: New Girl in Town
Voiced by: Cara DeLizia

Laetitia Bowers is a minor character who most promently appears in the episode  "New Girl In Town" in which she becomes friends with Ginger Foutley and her other friends Dodie, Macie and Darren and throws a party in which Will Patterson and the other highschoolers attend as well as Miranda, Courtney, Carl, Hoodsey and Brandon (she is voiced by Cara DeLizia).


Laetitia Bowers, first appears in the episode "New Girl In Town", and was the subject of gossip from the popular girls mainly Mipsy Mipson, who believed Laetitia's father embalmed so one who wasn't dead, some believed it was her mother whom her father embalmed, but it turns out her parents are divorced thus her mother was not embalmed. she lives in a mortuary / funeral home with her father who is a Mortician, not much is known about her mother..
Laetitia Bowers

Ginger shakes Laetitia's hand.


She was very quiet, when she first started Lucky Jr High and carried a skull to class with her as an easy way to get people to talk to her as she believed they'd ask about the skull, due to a comment her mother said, she later speaks to Ginger and the two become friends, she also appears to be very understanding and calm person, as she didn't get angry at Ginger for bailing on her when she was suppost to going to go to Ginger's house (Laetitia commutes in a herse which put Ginger off), she also didn't get offened or get angry at Dodie for saying about her Dad embalming someone when they were still alive. Laetitia seems to be quite a lonely person and she really wanted to make friends at Lucky Jr High.


Laetitia, has a very gothic look to her, with black hair shoulder length hair black eye shadow and purple lipstick, she first wears a burgendy dress with grey long socks and burgendy miltary style boots, she also has a silver chocker which is her more common clothing and the outfit she wears the most. she does wear another outfit at her house party, a deep purple jumper, black socks and a grey tarten cheak pattern skirt, with black miltary style boots.



  • She also appears in the episode "Butterflies Are Free" in the background.
  •  She dresses in gothic clothing.
  •  Her name and appearance is possibly based on Morticia Addams from The Addams Family.


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