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Losing Nana Bishop
Season 2, Episode 7
Episode Information
Air date: March 31, 2002
Written by: Eryk Casemiro
Directed by: Dean Criswell
Episode Chronology
Previous Episode: Sibling Revile-ry
Next Episode: TGIF

 Losing Nana Bishop is the seventh episode (27th overall) of the second season which was broadcast on March 31, 2002.

The Meaning of Life Lesson

"Hoodsey's eulogy made me think a lot about my family.

About how sometimes your family can make you mad or feel bad and make it hard to see the good things about them.

But then one day they're gone and all you have left are the memories and you see all those good things in a new light and you wished that you had pointed  them out a little more off along the way."

- Ginger Foutley


Dodie and Hoodsey's grandmother passes away. Mrs. Bishop wants Hoodsey to speak at the funeral, but he hasn't a clue what to say since he wasn't nearly as close to her as Dodie was. The experience inspires Ginger to learn more about her grandmother. She talks to her father and watches old home movies only to learn that she and her grandmother had a special bond. Meanwhile, Carl and Hoodsey accidentally lock themselves in shackles and an iron mask when they lose the key.


  • Ginger Foutley 
  • Carl Foutley 
  • Macie Lightfoot 
  • Hoodsey Bishop 
  • Dodie Bishop 
  • Lois Foutley 
  • Dave Bishop 
  • Joann Bishop
  • Jonas Foutley 
  • Ben (Jonas' dog)
  • Minister 


Ginger: But mom, aren't glue traps kind of cruel? Lois: That's why it's plan b.

Ginger: (speaking in her mind) Dodie told us lots of stories about Nana Bishop. It must've cheered her up a lot. She laughed a couple of times. But Dodie's nana stories had a weird effect on me. I suddenly felt really sad about my own grandmother. Grandma Foutley was the only grandparent still alive when I was little. She passed away right after Carl was born. But I don't remember her. Come to think of it, I don't remember anything before Carl was born.

Carl: You don't have to like your family. You just have to respect them. And what more respect can you show than to speak truthfully and from the heart. Hoodsey: Talk about greeting cards.

Ginger: Whose ever heard of a floating funeral home? Macie: I think Cleopatra might have started that trend.


  • Ginger mentions to Jonas that she's the "jailbird" of the family. A callback to the episode "Ginger the Juvey". 


  • Courtney, Miranda and Darren are absent in this episode.
  • The years on the box that Lois finds in the attic with Jonas Foutley's name on it reads "1979-81".
  • Dodie reveals that her grandmother was the one who gave her the idea to wear pigtails. 


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