Maude is an eccentric old woman living in the nursing home who often plays pranks on her cohabitants. Carl Foutley meets her when Ginger is doing community work there and is immediatly taken with her antics. She quickly become his partner in crime, much to Hoodsey's distress. Eventually Carl invites her to his home, intent on asking her hand in marriage. During dinner however, Maude dies while Carl is talking to Hoodsey outside. The event leaves Carl heartbroken and he delivers a touching eulogy. Later Maude comes back in the form of a spirit, posessing Hoodsey to help Carl on his quest to scare Lois during Halloween.[1] They succeed and she returns to the afterlife.


In Carl and Maude, she tries to dump a latex glove filled with water on her insurance agent. Carl helps her out but it accidentally hit someone else. He introduces himself and said he's heard about her reputation at the retirement home. Maude thinks she and Carl will get along just fine. The next day, Carl brings Hoodsey with him as they are with Maude walking in the hallway. Maude is then seen playing cards with the other residents. Carl watches through his binoculars to help Maude win the game. He succeeds as Maude wins. At the retirement home, Carl and Maude fooled the residents by pushing a human-sized doll in a wheelchair down a hill. Maude also knew about the hiding place for the key to the doghouse. 

Later in the episode, she shows up at the Foutley home for the dinner invite from Carl. As she rants, Ginger is surprised by her thinking Carl had invited someone close to his age. Courtney arrives at the house as well. Maude found a picture of Ginger as a child on the toilet much to her dismay. After Courtney asks for a tour, Maude to remain on the couch as she reveals some of her unappealing conditions. In the living room, Lois talks to Maude. She offered to show Lois pictures of her grandkids after she misunderstood her question. At the dinner table, Maude starts to rant about a rash she has. Lois offers some brisket and Maude helps herself to it. She tries to get Courtney to pre-chew her brisket, but Courtney doesn't want to do it. Maude said if Carl were there he would chew it for her. After Ginger and Lois talk to Courtney about, Maude says "Oh, foo!" and unexpectedly passes away. Carl has her gallstone in a jar in the doghouse.

In I Spy a Witch, Carl gathers some of Maude's things and create a seance to call her spirit. He tries again but no luck. He thinks they need some new stuff. When they bring Blake back to the the doghouse, Carl succeeds and Maude's ghost takes over Hoodsey's body. Carl tells her he needs help trying to scare Lois. She shows Carl the photo of Miranda vandalizing the school statue. She comes out of Hoodsey's body as he falls asleep. She goes to the front door and Lois is stunned. She thinks she's having an episode of some kind. Maude gives Lois the photo of Miranda and goes inside to show Ginger. After that, Maude and Carl say their goodbyes.


She is much of a rebel like Carl. She doesn't think twice about her replusive comments or how it may be unappealing to others. 


In the retirement home, she wears a green robe and light orange shoes. When she arrives at the house, she wears an orange coat with a flower on it.


Carl Foutley: He saw a lot of himself in her. The two of them are very much alike. They love to cause mischief to others and have fun. He started to bond and was even planning a proposal to her until she passed away. She scared Lois after Carl called her spirit back in I Spy a Witch

Lois Foutley: She tried to make feel welcome after Maude was invited over for dinner. Lois was taken aback by Maude unappealing remarks. Lois thought she was having an episode when she saw her ghost. 


  • Carl revealed that she had a plastic hip.
  • She believes her death was caused by the rash she was lamenting about at the dinner table.