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Mipsy Mipson8

Mipsy in "New Girl in town".

Melissa 'Mipsy' Mipson
(voiced by Sandy Fox) is most likely the third most
popular girl at school. Mipsy, like Courtney Gripling, comes from a wealthy family, but gets along better with Miranda Killgallen because they both dislike Ginger Foutley. She is possibly Jewish, claiming to have a Bat Mitzvah, but she had a regular party for her 13th birthday (see episode "Family Therapy").

Character Development

Mipsy, Like Miranda, is one of Courtney's friends but is more often seen scheming with Miranda than actually talking to Courtney Gripling. Together with Miranda. she tried to break up Darren and Ginger, tried to get Ginger to transfer to another school, and harbors a general dislike for Ginger.


Relationship with Courtney- 

Mipsy, isn't seen interacting with Courtney on her own much, but when she does she is usually nice to her and looks up to her, she also got jelouse when, Courtney spends more time with Ginger, meaning she values hers and Courtney's friendship and went to lengthly percourtions to stay friends with Courtney, by getting Ginger sent away to arts college in "Far from home", she also became Courtney's best Gal Pal when Courtney and Miranda fell out in the episode "Trouble in Gal Pal land". she also invited Courtney to her 13th birthday party in the episode "Family therapy" and she Join Courtney's group in singing Courtney's world for the talent show in "Come back little seal girl", Mipsy also seemed to forgive Courtney for throwing a stone in her eye and then hitting her on the head with a stone when it bounced of the window, though it was by accendent in the episode "About face" she is seen with an Eye patch in the following episode "Butterflys are free" so Courtney did injure Mipsy quite badly. she is Courtney's 2nd best galpal, she also shared her locker combnation with Courtney, in "Far from home" , the two seem to be good friends dispite not having much screen time togther.

Relationships with other classmates-

Ginger Foutley- Mipsy hates Ginger and sees her as a threat to her and her popular girl circle with Courtney and Miranda, she payed her cousin money to get rid of Ginger, she often gives Ginger sarcastic comments as seen in "Stealing first" and "fast reputation" in "Stealing first she complements Ginger's coat however she does it sarcasticly, and in "Fast reputation" she comments on how Ginger is a nice girl and nice girls finsh last. She hated getting blanked by Ginger in the episode "Wicked game", as she wanted to greet Ginger sarcasticly while Miranda gave Ginger a dirty look.

Dodie and Macie- barely interacting with them but when she does its often mean comments, on there outfit choses and about how lame they are, one of the few times Mipsy has intercted with Dodie and Macie was in the episode "Wicked game" in which Mipsy with Miranda's help get Dodie and Macie to help them sabotage Ginger and Darren's relationship.

Mye Zuckerberg (Villger no.1/ girl with purple glasses) - In the episode "I spy a witch" Mipsy sent Mye an email with the makeover of the statue, so its shows that they must be friends as Mipsy personley emailed her the photo, and is seen smiling at her later on and standing with her
Mipsy Mipson and Mye Zuckerberg 3

Mipsy and Mye in the episode "I spy a witch".

, Mye also says she wasn't going to say anything about the photo,
Mye Zuckerberg and Mipsy Mipson 2

Mye and Mipsy, Mipsy smiling at Mye and putting her hand on her shoulder.

not much is known about their friendship.
Mipsy, Miranda and Courtney 1

Mipsy with her bandage and injured eye seen with Miranda and Courtney in "About face"

Last of Jr High 3

Mipsy with her eye patch at her graduation in "Butterfly's are free" she is seen next to Miranda.


Mipsy is seen wearing different outfits almost every day. She has long, brown hair that falls to her waist and she wears purple lipstick.


  • Mipsy is best known for her charm bracelet according to Dodie's flash card on Mipsy, the charms include a peace sign, a thorny rose and a dragonfly.
  • The second thing Mipsy is best known for according to Dodie's flash card on Mipsy is faking a cough to get out of a math quiz. This possibly means Mipsy either dislikes math or isn't very good at it.
  • Mipsy's real name is Melissa, Mipsy is a nickname given to her by her friends, though it is unknown who gave her the nickname or how and why she accuried it, she is the only one to have a nickname out of all of Courtney's friends. And is actully one of the few characters to actully have a nickname in the seris, the other one is Hoodsey.
  • Mipsy is Jewish.
  • She is the oldest out of Courtney and Miranda. 
  • she was born on April 22nd and shares this birthday with Macie Lightfoot.
  • Mipsy wears an eye patch at the Lucky Jr High, graduation ceramony in the episode "Butterflys are free" because Courtney accedetly hit her in the eye with a stone in the previous episode "About Face". in the same episode ("Butterflys are free") Mipsy falls off her chair.
  • Mipsy likes drama and acting as she was in both of the Lucky Jr. High plays.

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