Mr. Licorice is the Higsby's family's pet monkey. He first belonged to the elder brother, Stuart, before he was given to Brandon.


He is first introduced in Hello Stranger when everyone in Carl's class can bring a pet to school. When the teacher is absent, he bites Carl causing Carl to suddenly behave strangely like a monkey. In Cry Wolf, Mr. Licorice is seen in Stuart's presence when Darren buys a book report from him in the boy's bathroom. In Deja Who, Mr. Licorice causes Hoodsey to fall from the swing which results in Hoodsley temporarily suffering from amnesia. He runs away from Brandon in Never Can Say Goodbye and is found by Carl and Hoodsey in a pet store. He also participates in a pet talent show, but he doesn't follow Brandon in his act, instead stealing his picolo and showing of his musical talent. He doesn't win however.


Mr. Licorice doesn't seem to like Brandon very much and is sometimes the cause of Carl and Hoodsey's misadventures.


He often wears a pullover and a blue scarf.


Brandon Higsby: He doesn't like some of the situations that Brandon puts him in. Brandon doesn't treat him like a monkey. He tends treat him more like a show dog. Brandon often dresses him up in outfits that he would rather not wear. Because Mr. Licorice is a monkey, no one can understand him when he expresses his discomfort with Brandon. 

Stuart Higsby: He used to be Stuart's pet monkey before he was given to Brandon. When Mr. Licorice was with Stuart in Cry Wolf, he appeared to be more calm and satisfied. This is likely because Stuart doesn't dress him up or put him precarious situations like Brandon does. 


  • Mr. Licorice's voice actor Dee Bradley Baker voices animal characters on other animated shows. The most notable ones are Klaus from American Dad and Perry the Platypus from Phineas and Ferb.