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Mrs. Gordon
Biographical Information
Status: Deceased
Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Grey
Character Information
First appearance: Dare I, Darren?
Voiced by: Kathleen Freeman

Mrs. Gordon was a school teacher at Lucky Elementary School who taught both Ginger and Carl Foutley , as well as other students such as Hoodsey Bishop , Blake Gripling , Brandon Higsby and several others. 

Mrs. Gordon was a stern but fair teacher who was often capable of efficiently handling Carl's and Hoodsey's crazy antics. Her trademark saying was "no one likes a kiss-up." 

She unexpectedly passed away in No Hope For Courtney, which upsetted all the students in Carl's classroom when they were told about it.






  • Mrs. Gordon was voiced by Kathleen Freeman who was honoured in the episode 'No Hope for Courtney' after her passing.


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