Elaine Gordon was a school teacher at Lucky Elementary School who taught both Ginger and Carl Foutley, as well as other students such as Hoodsey Bishop, Blake Gripling, Brandon Higsby, and several others. Mrs. Gordon was a stern but fair teacher who was often capable of efficiently handling Carl's and Hoodsey's crazy antics. Her trademark saying was "no one likes a kiss-up." 

She unexpectedly passed away in "No Hope For Courtney", which upsetted all the students in Carl's classroom when they were told about it.


In "Dare I, Darren?", she tells the class of a former student of hers who is on the front cover a magazine. She tells Carl that she doesn't allow bets in her class after he makes a deal with Brandon. As class starts to dismiss, she asks Carl and Hoodsey to bring Blake Gripling his homework because he's out sick. 

In "Hello Stranger", it is pet day and she thinks Mr. Licorice is adorable. She goes to tally up the ballots to see who the winner is. When she comes back she discovers that Carl was bitten by Mr. Licorice. She calls for an ambulance to assist him. 

In "Cry Wolf", she wants Carl to go to the teachers' supply closet to get a box of chalk. The next day she asks Carl why he's dressed like a wolf. She asks Carl if he can still speak. Carl responds by saying his senses are still keen. He tells her that the twice baked potato she took from him last week is in the bottom left drawer of her desk. She writes Carl a note to send him to the nurses' station.

She tries to be as fair as she can. She won't hesitate to punish Carl or anyone else if they are misbehaving. In "No Hope for Courtney", she passed away on the night after her retirement party. Her cause of death is unknown although it can be presumed that it was from natural causes. 


She is a good person as well as a good teacher. She does her best to teach her students fairly. She can be stern when she has to be. She has a no nonsense policy. 


She usually a white collar shirt with a blue collar underneath her white collar. She wears a blue skirt with black shoes. She also wears her hair in a bun and wears earrings. 


Carl FoutleyShe has a turbulent relationship with him. She gets on Carl whenever he pulls off one of his schemes. Carl will occasionally address her with the nickname "Gordo". Even though he causes trouble from time to time and gives her a hard time, deep down, Carl cares about Mrs. Gordon a lot. He tried to convince to come back to teaching in "No Hope for Courtney". Carl succeed but unfortunately she passed away. The next day in class after hearing the news Carl cried. 

Hoodsey BishopHer relationship with him isn't as up and down as it is with Carl. She mainly sees him as Carl's sidekick. In "Sibling Revile-ry", she said to Hoodsey  "Everyone knows you're just a gullible sidekick". He responded by saying he's not. 

Brandon HigsbyShe sees him as a nice boy and sometimes as an occasional kiss-up. Brandon will often call on her if Carl is messing with him in any way. 


  • Mrs. Gordon was voiced by Kathleen Freeman who was honoured in the episode 'No Hope for Courtney' after her passing.
  • Her full name was revealed to be Elaine Gordon in the episode, "No Hope for Courtney".