Ms. Foutley's Boys
Season 2, Episode 11
Episode Information
Air date: April 28, 2002
Written by: Emily Kapnek
Directed by: Ron Noble
Episode Chronology
Previous Episode: April's Fools
Next Episode: Love With a Proper Transfer Student

Ms. Foutley's Boys is the eleventh episode (31st overall) of the second season which was broadcast on April 28, 2002.


Lois starts dating Buzz, the plumber who helped fix the mold problem. Shortly after, he and his three sons are living in Lois' house as Buzz fixes everything without asking, giving it a "man's touch". Ginger feels caught between her intolerance of Buzz and the fact that she doesn't want her mom to end up alone. Meanwhile, Carl uses Buzz's three sons as guinea pigs for his latest inventions.


  • Buzz Harris
  • Ginger Foutley 
  • Carl Foutley 
  • Nurse Betty
  • Macie Lightfoot 
  • Hoodsey Bishop 
  • Dodie Bishop 
  • Lois Foutley 
  • Rhesus
  • Darren Patterson 
  • Dr. Dave
  • Junior
  • Junior Sr.
  • Dr. Fondfeelings 


Ginger: (reading a love letter from Gavin Forker) "Let's make it last forever, like my squirrels". (sees picture) Aah! 

Dodie: (bobbing her head back and forth) And Hoodsey, don't make me ask you again. Macie: (snaps her fingers)

Buzz: Something just gone wrong in the wiring, I'd guess. Carl: That's what they say about mom.

Lois: (talking to Dr. Dave) Oh, I should probably mention, we don't do meatballs, or paintballs or any other kind of balls.


  • Ginger predicts that Lois met her date at the hospital. She also predicts that he is possibly a neurosurgeon. This foreshawdows Lois' eventual relationship and marriage to Dr. David Dave.
  • Courtney and Miranda do not appear in this episode.
  • Buzz and his sons share similarities with Dean Profitt and his sons from the 1987 film Overboard. The only exception is that Buzz has three sons while Dean Profitt (played by Kurt Russell in the movie) has four sons.