Eleanor Zorski also known as (Ms. Zorski/ Mrs Z.) is Ginger, Dodie, Macie, Mipsy, Darren, Chet, Miranda and Courtney's homeroom teacher. She is voiced by Elizabeth Halpern.


Ms. Zorski seems to be a very supportive teacher and is mostly seen interacting with Ginger. It is unknown what subject she actually specializes in at Lucky Jr. High, though she may be a Drama/English teacher, as she is seen dealing with and teaching both of the plays held at Lucky Jr. High and helps Ginger with her poems. She also teaches basic homeroom tasks and activities.
Ms Zorski supporting Ginger

Ms. Zorski supporting Ginger from the episode "The Nurses' Strike"

 She has a cousin who teaches over at Lucky High, who is very mean to Ginger and her cousin describes her cousin and herself as "opposites".


Ms. Zorski dresses in rastafarian style clothing, she wears blue circle framed glasses.  


Ms. Zorski, is a very kind teacher, she is usually seen in a good mood. She supports Ginger in the episode "The Nurses' Strike". She is concerned over Ginger's health in both "And She Was Gone" and in "A Lesson in Tightropes". She also defended Ginger's innocence in "I Spy a Witch".



Ginger Foutley: She looks out for Ginger whenever she can. She knows how much Ginger is a good student. The two of them have a close bond. She visited Ginger in the hospital after her appendix surgery in A Lesson in Tightropes.

Carl Foutley: He became a student of her's after graduating from Lucky Elementary. He tried to make a good first impression by mentioning his sister in Stuff'll Kill Ya. However, Ms. Zorski had already been told about an incident he was involved with in the past.