Ernestine "Nana" Bishop was Dodie and Hoodsey's grandmother, Dave's mother and Joann's mother-in-law. According to Dodie, she gave her the idea to wear pigtails. She passed away in the episode Losing Nana Bishop.                       


Nana Bishop seemed to be a nice woman as Dodie has many fond memories of her. Hoodsey wasn't as close to her but he still was able to give her a nice eulogy.  


In her photo, she wears a plaid blue shirt with a red jacket. She is also wearing a green skirt.


  • She would spend a lot of time with Dodie rather than Hoodsey.
  • According to Hoodsey, she laughed at him a lot.
  • She karate chopped the ice cream man for cheating Dodie out of her change.
  • Nana is the reason why Dodie has pigtails.
  • According to Dodie, Nana's words for Dodie having pigtails was "Every woman should have a trademark!".