No Hope for Courtney is the eighteenth episode (38th overall) of the second season which was broadcast on June 23, 2002.

The Meaning Of Life Lesson

"And now you've learned how important it is just to be yourself, right?" - Ginger Foutley 


Ginger helps a shy girl named, Hope Rogers, find confidence. Unfortunately, this confidence caused her to change her look and take over Courtney's position as the most popular girl in school. As all of Courtney's group has turned on her, Courtney becomes a wreck. Meanwhile Mrs. Gordon, tired of Carl's practical jokes, retires, upsetting him. Eventually he begs Mrs. Gordon to come back, and she agrees but she passes away shortly after. This episode was dedicated to the memory of Kathleen Freeman, the voice of Mrs. Gordon, who died of lung cancer at age 82.


  • Ginger Foutley
  • Dodie Bishop
  • Macie Lightfoot
  • Courtney Gripling
  • Miranda Killgallen
  • Hope Rogers
  • Mrs. Gordon
  • Carl Foutley
  • Hoodsey Bishop
  • Jean-Pierre 
  • Lois Foutley 
  • Miranda Killgallen 
  • Mipsy Mipson 
  • Lonnie 
  • Heather 
  • Terrence (cameo)
  • Principal Milty 
  • Blake Gripling 
  • Mr. Hepper 


Courtney: I was all, "I'm not your girlfriend, girlfriend". 

Hope: The name's Hope. As in, sure hope your memory's not as bad as your manicure, Courtney.

Courtney: Popularity is a business, Ginger and I'm just protecting mama's investment.

Courtney: (talking to Ginger) How dare you! You've ruined my life by siding with that.. that.. Macie: Conniving vixen. Courtney: Conniving vixen. Thank you. Macie: Welcome.

Carl: (referring to his flowers) Aw, they're for real. Mrs. Gordon: So's a hernia but I don't want one of those either.

Mrs. Gordon: No one likes a kiss-up, Carl.

Ginger: I'd rather be nice than popular. Courtney: Only because you've never been popular. See ya. 

Courtney: Ginger, don't be silly. It's so much better being me.

Ginger: (sighs) Well, I'm glad at least we learned something. Dodie: I didn't. I still yearn to be popular.


  • This is the first episode where a background character gets introduction due to fans.
  • Hope is the mysterious quiet girl in the background.
  • This is Mrs. Gordon's last appearance due to the fact that her voice actress Kathleen Freeman passed away.
  • It is revealed that Ginger didn't have any friends until the second grade.
  • Hope is rich.
  • This is the first time we see Carl crying.
  • This episode marks the first time Jean-Pierre has a speaking role since "Stealing First".
  • Darren does not appear in this episode.