Officer Killgallen is Miranda's strict father. He is a police officer and also is part of the Spengler Military Academy staff. He shows no mercy, not even towards his daughter.


In Ginger the Juvey, he caught Ginger, Dodie, Macie and Darren stealing a sign from a bank. Miranda had set them up from the beginning and called her dad without them knowing. He let them off easy and took to the police station so their parents could pick them up. In Season of Caprice, he was the head sargent at Spengler Military Academy. He treated all of the campers the same including Miranda. When Darren was caught talking to Miranda, he called him out in front of everyone. He punished the two of them by making them scrape off the military bases. 


He is an authoritative figure. He mainly has a zero tolerance mentality. He puts troublemakers in their place when he needs to.


In his first appearance, he wore his usual police officer uniform. In Season of Caprice, he wore his all green sargent uniform. 



Miranda Killgallen: She seems to have adapted some of his character traits. Whenever she acts in cruel manner, it's mainly reflective of how he raises her. Not much is known about her mother. However, in Trouble in Gal Pal Land, Macie asked her "not even to your mom and dad?" Miranda responded by saying "you got a problem with that?" which could imply that her mother is still around.