Prescott Gripling is a minor character in "As Told By Ginger". He is the husband to Claire Gripling and the father to Blake and Courtney. He is overheard on the telephone during dinner in "TGIF" and makes his physical appearance in the series finale, "The Wedding Frame".


Not much is known about Prescott, other than the fact that he is the father of Courtney and Blake, and the husband of Claire Gripling. He was never shown in the beginning of series and only made his physical debut in "The Wedding Frame" where he was arrested on charges relating to insider trading. After his arrest, it was said that the entire Gripling family will lose all of their assets and belongings to help pay their legal fees and penalties. Prescott, along with other inmates, were invited to Lois' wedding by Carl.


He is a successful business man. When called his family in TGIF, he appears to be a nice man and a good person. 


In The Wedding Frame, he wears a light brown coat with dark brown pants. He wears brown shoes. 



Claire Gripling: The two of them are married and seem to have a good relationship. 

Courtney Gripling: He isn't seen with her or Blake very often. When he calls his family, Courtney expresses happiness when she talked to him in TGIF. 

Blake Gripling: Blake's relationship with his father is not known. Although, he seems to care about his father. 


Carl Foutley: Carl invites Prescott to Lois and Dave's wedding along with other inmates.


  • His voice actor (Sam McMurray) is also the voice actor of Rhonda's dad in Hey Arnold!
  • Even though it's stated that he had to liquidate all assets to bankroll legal fees and penalties, it's possible that with amazing lawyers, he can settle out of court and possibly gain some money back (it's called getting off on a plea deal).
  • The character shares a resemblance and given name with Prescott Bush, a controversial Wall Street figure and Connecticut politician of the early and mid 20th century.