Salem Barbecue is a song sung by the student participants as they rehearse for the school play. It is from the season one episode I Spy a Witch. This song is included on The Newest Nicktoons CD album.

As Told By Ginger - Salem Barbecue - ( Lyrics )01:02

As Told By Ginger - Salem Barbecue - ( Lyrics )


There's no way 

We'll ever believe you

This girl's asleep

So tell us, what did you do?

She's a witch 

You can't deny 

So on the prye ye shall fry

At our good 


Salem barbecue! 

There's no way we'll

Ever believe you

See the truth in all 

Of her boo-hoo

She's a witch 

Just watch her fly!

Escape? Don't you even try!

You're our guest at our

Salem barbecue!

(music break) 

There's no way we'll 

Ever believe you

There must be something 

More that I can do

Prove to us you're not a witch

Too late, I've already snitched

I'll baste her at our 

Salem barbecue! 

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