Sasha is a major character who appears in "Season of Caprice" and in "Ginger's Solo". He was Ginger's love interest early on in the series. As the series progressed, their relationship quickly deteriorated once Sasha admitted the truth to Ginger.


Sasha was first introduced in the three-part special "Season of Caprice". He met Ginger while she was feeding the horse at Camp Caprice where he told her campers are not allowed to the feed the horses. Once Courtney Gripling appeared, Sasha was quickly displeased on how Courtney addressed him and demanded things to be done. Sasha wasn't able to fully introduce himself to Ginger due to Courtney's intrusion, but later revealed his name on a piece of paper he gave to Ginger at the end of the first episode special. It became increasingly clear that Sasha had feelings for Ginger, but his affection wore off once Courtney lied to Ginger's friends about hooking her up with Ian Richton. Heartbroken, Sasha vowed to never speak to Ginger again and even named a newly-born baby bull after Ian to show his frustration to Ginger.

Once Ginger confronted Sasha to explain herself on how she's not in a relationship with Ian. Before she could utter an explanation, Sasha immediately lashed out at Ginger, calling her a "wannabe" because she's dating a rich and popular boy. After the accusation was made, Ginger was extremely upset that Sasha would call her that, Ginger then stormed off leaving Sasha visibly disappointing in himself.

After Ginger, Dodie, Macie, and Courtney rescued Miranda and Darren, the next day, Sasha seemed pleased at Ginger's motivational speech and song that he kissed her on the cheek and the picture is now framed in Ginger's heart shaped locket.

A few months down the line, it is revealed that Sasha hasn't returned any of Ginger's letters or phone calls because he got back together with his ex-girlfriend, Clover.

Sasha makes his final appearance in "Heat Lightning", through various hallucinations and finally makes his physical appearance through the climax of the episode. According to Sasha, he is still dating Clover and only wanted to meet up with Ginger by the lake to greet her.


Sasha is shown to be a very calm boy who values respect and dislikes obnoxious individuals. Though Sasha is able to jump to conclusions as he believed Courtney's rumor about Ginger dating Ian. Furthermore, Sasha is shown to be a hypocrite in "Ginger's Solo", which reveals he's nothing but a wannabe himself as he is dating the most popular girl at his school. Thus putting his whole accusation on Ginger in "Season of Caprice" to shame.


Sasha is a light-brownish boy who has brown hair and wears various different clothing.



Melanie is Sasha's eight year-old sister who also goes to Camp Caprice during the summer. Although they're not shown talking to one-another, one can assume they have a steady relationship as he admitted his feelings about Ginger to her and even went as far as discussing Ian with her.


Clover is the current girlfriend of Sasha. She is shown to be just as obnoxious as Courtney Gripling. According to Sasha, they were once broken up, as Clover dumped him for a guy who was rich, popular, and had better teeth. This was the explanation he used to describe why he was such a jerk at Camp Caprice and why he lashed out at Ginger with a false accusation.

Courtney Gripling:

While Sasha and Courtney do not share a relationship, Sasha was easily irritated at Courtney's demands and rude behavior when she intruded on his conversation with Ginger. He later reveals in "Ginger's Solo" that he found Courtney to be obnoxious and went ballistic after he heard her talk about Ginger dating Ian.

Ian Richton:

Although Ian and Sasha never met, it's quite clear that Sasha disliked Ian for his popularity status which reminded him of Clover dumping him for a rich and popular boy similar to Ian.

Ginger Foutley:

Ginger was Sasha's love interest during their time at Camp Caprice, he later started to dislike Ginger after eavesdropping on Courtney lying about hooking Ginger up with Ian. Both Ginger and Sasha make up, but only to find out that months later that Sasha is dating his ex-girlfriend, Clover.