Season 1
265px-As Told By Ginger Title
Original Run Oct 25, 2000 - July 7, 2001
Episode Count 20
Season: 1, 2, 3

Season 1 refers to the first season of As Told By Ginger, which lasted for a total of twenty episode in addition to a pilot episode. This season ran from October 25, 2000 - July 7, 2001.


  1. Ginger The Juvey
  2. Carl and Maude
  3. Stealing First
  4. Sleep On It
  5. Of Lice and Friends
  6. Dare I, Darren?
  7. Hello Stranger
  8. Cry Wolf
  9. The Right Stuff
  10. Kiss and Make-up
  11. The 'A' Ticket
  12. Come Back Little Seal Girl
  13. I Spy a Witch
  14. Blizzard Conditions
  15. Deja Who?
  16. An Even Steven Holiday Special
  17. Piece of My Heart
  18. Season of Caprice (Part 1) (made-for-television film)
  19. Season of Caprice (Part 2)
  20. Season of Caprice (Part 3)

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