Stuart Higsby is Brandon's older brother. Mr. Licorice was originally his monkey before it was given to his younger brother. He attends Lucky Junior High.

Stuart sells book reports and exam questions in the boy's bathroom at school.


He first appears in Of Lice and Friends. As Dodie reads the morning announcements, she says the chocolate pudding on the cafeteria ceiling will be cleaned up as soon as the janitor can find his ladder which is "missing." Stuart and his friend start to laugh which implies both of them did it. They both have a guilty look on their face when Dodie asks if anyone checked the boys bathroom. 

In Cry Wolf, he is selling book reports in the boys bathroom. He also has hall passes and the answers to last year's history final. Darren asks if he as a report on call of the wild. He says it's kind of heavy and charges Darren five dollars. Darren pays him and Stuart gives him the report.

He was mentioned in Never Can Say Goodbye when Brandon thought Stuart stole his money. But it turned out to be Mr. Licorice as it was shown on a surveillance camera. 


He is more mischievous than his younger brother. He sells written reports to students in the boys' bathroom which shows that he doesn't mind not following the rules. Unlike Brandon who is seen as a nice boy who always tries to do the right thing. 


He wears a yellow shirt with blue pants and black shoes.