Terrence is an elementary school student who is somewhat of a bully.

When Carl prophesied that Terrence would pass a test, Terrence threatened to have his older brother beat him up.[1] He was also one of the first to order from Carl and Hoodsey's food cart.[2]


In Stealing First, Terrence wanted to take an extra chair from where Carl and Hoodsey were eating lunch. Carl said to him request denied. He spoke up again but Carl still didn't let him take the chair. In No Hope for Courtney, he is seen playing the tuba in Mr. Hepper's class. In Ginger's Solo, he visits Carl for a psychic reading as part of Carl's profit for prophet idea. Carl responds with an answer before Terrence said anything. He asks Carl if be passed Mrs. Gordon's history test. Carl responds by saying without a doubt. Terrence thanks him for it and says if Carl is wrong his brother will pummel him. In Fast Reputation, Terrence comes over to say that Carl and Hoodsey's cart was blocking the first base of his game. His attitude quickly changes when sees the food on the cart. He says the food looks better than what Chef Bob makes. He then takes out some money requests to buy their Mac N' Sneeze. He makes a brief cameo in part 2 of Far From Home


He has some bully-like behavior. He seems to be reasonable at times and he only results to being cruel when he has to. His behavior may be a result of him being held back twice and he doesn't want anyone to mock him for it. 


He wears a blue button shirt with red strips along with the letter T on it. He wears blue pants and red and white shoes. 


Carl Foutley: He appears to have a history of beef with Carl. When he wanted to borrow an extra chair from the lunch, Carl refused to let him take it. This implies that the two don't get along very often.

Hoodsey Bishop: He seems to have no resentment toward him. Even though he doesn't interact with Hoodsey much, it seems like he can tolerate him more than Carl. 


  • In Ginger's Solo, Hoodsey reveals that Terrence has repeated the same grade twice.