The Party is the pilot episode of As Told By Ginger. This episode was produced in 1998. It was broadcast on October 9, 2015 on The Splat (now renamed NickSplat).

You can watch it here and here


Ginger is invited to Courtney's party, but there's one problem: she has to babysit Carl. She takes Carl to the party and ties him up with a hose in the backyard.

At the party, the kids play spin the bottle. Ginger spins and it lands on her crush, Ian Richton. Just before they are about to kiss, Blake, Courtney's younger brother, comes in wearing only his underwear and ruins the party by telling the guests that Courtney stuffs her bra. Ian sneaks Ginger a kiss anyway. Meanwhile, Dodie and Macie have their own party at Dodie's house.



  • Originally, Miranda was white in the pilot and Ginger and her friends dress more tomboyish, with a mid -1980s or early 90s vibe.
  • In this episode, Darren is white and has purple hair.
  • Ginger also looks more like her mother.
  • Courtney used to have the same eye style that Ginger and her friends have.
  • Darren's head gear used to make an annoying squeak sound when he talks.
  • Will Patterson was going to be year older than his brother due to being invited to Courtney's party.
  • So far, Lois, Carl, Hoodsey, and Macie are the only characters to have their draft complete.
  • Courtney's original design in this episode can be seen as a brunette in various episodes throughout the series as a background character. 
  • During the Foutley dinner tables, when Carl tries to call Hoodsey through the walkie talkie you can hear Hoodsey say " Who is this? how did you get our frequency?", which is the same response that was used in the episode "Ginger the Juvey" but instead Hoodsey says this to Blake Gripling. 
  • For this episode only, Darren is voiced by Bradley Pierce and Blake is voiced by Tara Strong
  • In this episode only, Miranda's last name in the end credits is spelled as "Killagen." However, in the next episode and onwards, her last name would become "Killgallen". 
  • This episode is included on the Far From Home (DVD).
  • The original opening for this series, Ginger was going to introduce herself and her life.
  • As been revealed by Blake, Courtney stuffs her bra.


  • Susan Krebs is credited for voicing Joann Bishop even though Joann does not appear in this episode.