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Macie saves Courtney from being embarrassed.

The Right Stuff is the ninth episode of the first season which was broadcast on January 21, 2001.


Macie and Courtney have been doing so well in their French class at Lucky Jr. High that they've been given the chance to take a high school-level French class at Lucky High School. Macie's obviously very nervous about being around a bunch of high school students, but Courtney's excited—although she ends up making two enemies in the form of two high school students named Andrea and Chantal after Courtney stands up to them (she then claims to Macie, Ginger and Dodie than standing your ground is a key to surviving high school).

In the class, Courtney develops a crush on Darren's older brother, Will, and Macie's revealed to have a pool at her house—after the pool-revelation is made known, Macie gets roped into hosting a pool party for the entire French class (as well as inviting Ginger, Dodie and Darren). While hyperventilating into a paper bag in one of the stall's of the girls' bathroom, Andrea and Chantal come into the bathroom and start complaining about Courtney. They get the idea to try and "de-bikini" Courtney at the party to embarrass her in front of everyone, including Will.

As it turns out, Courtney does plan on wearing a bikini to Macie's party (and even stuffs the top of it with bubble wrap to make herself look more womanly). While helping Macie to plan the pool party, she informs Ginger and Dodie of Andrea and Chantal's plan to humiliate Courtney at the party—Ginger convinces Macie and Dodie that they should help Courtney, even if they aren't necessarily friends with her, noting that they have to learn to stand up for themselves against girls like Andrea and Chantal, especially since if they don't, it could get worse once they do actually get into high school. After failing to convince Courtney to wear a one-piece swimsuit to the party, they decide to simply run interference between Courtney and the high school girls, and even get Darren to help them. While during a game of chicken at the pool party, Andrea and Chantal manage to undo Courtney's bikini top—but fortunately for Courtney, Macie's able to get an inner tube on her in time before anyone can see her bare chest, and Ginger and Dodie manage to get her bikini top before anyone (except for Dodie) can see that she stuffed it with bubble-wrap.

The party comes to an end after that, and now everybody hates Andrea and Chantal for ruining what was actually a pretty good party (as well as for playing such a mean prank on a middle school student). Courtney's grateful to Macie and the others for what they did to save her and acknowledges them as her "real" friends.

Meanwhile, Carl and Hoodsey try to get some Albert Einstein DNA for a school science fair project (mostly to try and avoid going to summer school). When getting the actual DNA doesn't work out, they come up with the idea to compare DNA samples from other people and comparing it Einstein's DNA, under the hypothesis that if the DNA is similar to Einstein's, that makes them a genius.


  • Terrence (cameo)
  • Riker Smith
  • Kid #1
  • Kid #2


Macie: Yeah, with rascally teenagers who have a lot more than conjugation on their minds. 

Hoodsey: Oh, I'm right behind you. One screaming lady a day is enough. Besides my mom, I mean. 

Carl: Very well, carry on. Thank you for your cooperation. Hoodsey: But Carl, they didn't cooperate.

Andrea: Either that snack cake I just ate was bad, or she's making me sick. Chantal: Snack cakes never go bad.

Courtney: (to Andrea and Chantal) Who retired and made you crossing guards? 

Courtney: I don't suppose they make waterproof tissue?

Courtney: Standing your ground is everything when it comes to high school, Ginger. 

Macie: Shame on you, Riker Smith. Your mother teaches Sunday school! 


  • Although it's never stated what time of the year this episode takes place, it likely takes place near the end of the school year, due to Carl and Hoodsey talking about summer school.
  • Darren reveals that his older brother's real name is Wilbert.
  • The bikini that Courtney wore to Macie's pool party was from a fashion show that she saw in Paris, France (presumably from the annual trip that she and her mom take to see the annual spring fashion show every year in France).
    • Also, before deciding to stuff her bikini top with bubble wrap, Courtney was originally going to use tissues, but when Miranda pointed out what might happen once she got into the pool, Courtney decided against it (although she did briefly find waterproof tissues to stuff into her bikini top).
  • The title of this episode shares the same name as the 1979 novel by Tom Wolfe along with the 1983 film adaptation.


High School Girls Prank Courtney Gripling As Told By Ginger NickSplat

High School Girls Prank Courtney Gripling As Told By Ginger NickSplat