Wilbert 'Will' Patterson is Darren's older brother and the oldest son of the Patterson household. He's a typical jock who is one of the best quarterbacks Lucky High has had in a long time.[1] He is very popular among his peers and apparently also among the female populace. He is voiced by Guy Torry.


In Dare I, Darren?,  he is seen working at Flickarama Plex when he plays around with Darren before giving him and Ginger their movie tickets. 

In The Right Stuff, he recognizes Macle as one of Darren's friends. He invites himself along with other students to her house to have a pool party. Courtney develops a crush on him and becomes her love interest. He kindly greeted her as she introduced herself. Later at Macie's house, he arrives at the pool party and Darren calls him by his full name. This resulted in Darren getting thrown in the pool. When Chantal and Andrea came over they offered Courtney to play a game chicken with them. Courtney says yes as long as she can have Will as her partner and he agrees to participate. When the game starts, Will and Courtney mainly go up against Andrea. Unaware of their plan, Chantal snaps Courtney's bikini top off. However, Macie covers her with an inner tube before anyone can see her breasts and the tissue and bubble wrap stuffing. When the lifeguard calls a violation he orders everyone out of the pool. As Will gets out, he calls Chantal and Andrea losers. 

In Piece of My Heart, Courtney invites Will to the Sadie Hawkins dance at Lucky Jr. High. Winston, however, gives it to Darren and he thinks the invitation is for him. This leads to a fallout between Darren and Ginger until she arrives at the dance when Will drives her there in his car. He tells Darren about the mistake and he rejects Courtney's offer as well. Then Darren apologizes to Ginger. His rejected offer left Courtney disappointed, but she she quickly gathered herself to create a new headpiece and she successfully impressed the kids at the dance. 

In New Girl in Town, Ginger offered to invite Will over to Laetitia's house. Ginger reminded him of when she crashed one of his parties in Fast Reputation. He said the difference is he would be crashing down while Ginger was crashing up. Later in the episode, he runs by Carl and Hoodsey while driving and he changes his mind. He invited his crew to Laetitia's house and it made Laetitia very happy. 

In The Wedding Frame, he talks to Darren after they received an invitation to Lois Foutley's wedding. Darren thinks this means there may be a chance for him and Ginger to give it another shot at their relationship. Will eventually convinces him to go after Darren goes back and forth about not attending the wedding. 


He has a friendly, but brotherly relationship with Darren. He sometimes puts him in head locks and gives him noogies. He is a good person and gets most of his character traits from his dad. 


Although Will wears different outfits in the series, he has one signature outfit. His first attire was a blue jacket with white sleeves, a periwinkle shirt along with blue pants and brown shoes. 


Darren Patterson: He usually plays around with him but it's all in good fun. He has a good relationship with his younger brother. 

Mrs. Patterson: He isn't seen interacting with her much, but he seems to have a loving relationship with her and his father.

Mr. Patterson: He gets most of his of character traits from him such as headlocks and noogies. Will is more like his dad. He plays around at times but he means well. 

Courtney Gripling: Although she had a crush on him and was her love interest, Will mainly saw her as a friend possibly because he's older than her. He rejected her offer to the Sadie Hawkins dance instead of leading her on to spare her feelings. Courtney was hurt by the rejection, but she eventually got over him and moved on. 


  • His full name 'Wilbert' was revealed by Darren during 'The Right Stuff'
  • Will doesn't like his name and forbids Darren from ever calling him by it.



  1. Said by the football coach in Butterflies Are Free