As Told By Ginger - Wrong ( Lyrics )

As Told By Ginger - Wrong ( Lyrics )

Wrong is the fifth song and first song in season 2 it is featured in As Told By Ginger. It is sung during the credits in Never Can Say Goodbye and is sung by Kenny Blank, who voices Darren Patterson. The song was written by Jared Faber and Emily Kapnek.


I know I said back then

Never wanted to see you again

But I was wrong

Baby, I was wrong

Nine times out of ten

It seems to happen

That I'm wrong

Baby, I'm wrong

Each day that passes

I can't, although I try

Each day, it hits me

I can't live with goodbye

I know I said back then...


  • Only the instrumentals of the song can be heard in A Lesson In The Tightropes.